Rongzhong Li

Part-time Assistant Professor in Comp.Sci.

me = Physics PhD
   && Comp.Sci. Master
   || Interdisciplinary Explorer

Research Focus:

Molecular Dynamic Simulation
Image/Signal Processing
Scientific Application
Data Science

I'm interested in converting real-life problems to computational models.

I'm also an enthusiast of photography, music and handicrafts.


Rongzhong Li


Computer Science

Digital Arts






* 08-31-16
Started to teach computer vision class.
Started to design Ver.3, with major upgrades in power supply and wire organization.
* 08-22-16
Accepted the offer as a part-time consultant at Wake Forest School of Medicine.
Accepted the offer as a part-time professor in the Computer Science Department.
* 08-19-16
Assembled the first plastic cat Ver.2.
* 08-08-16
Started to design plastic frames.
* 08-01-16
Finished basic functionality (forward, turning, backward, crawling, obstacle/dent detection). The best birthday gift for myself!
* 07-05-16
Started to design the wooden walking RasPi cat Ver.1 in CS.
* 06-06-16
Added RasPiFaceRecog in CS.
* 05-30-16
Created a 3D image group on Flickr.
* 05-27-16
Added TeleMIC in CS.
* 05-18-16
Re-organized the homepage frames.
* 05-17-16
Linked all GitHub resources.
* 05-12-16
Created the website.


Currently I'm working as a part-time assistant professor for WFU.

I'm also starting up a company to keep the robotics project going.

You are also welcome to contact me for any research projects as long as they are interesting!

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