Rongzhong Li

Physics PhD && CS Master
|| Interdisciplinary Explorer

Research Focus:

Molecular Dynamic Simulation
Image/Signal Processing
Scientific Application
Data Science

I'm interested in converting realife problems to computational models.

I'm also an enthusiast of photography, music and handicrafts.


Rongzhong Li

Rongzhong's CS Projects

GitHub @

* AE Source Classifier

A Boeing and WFU collaborative project on classifing acoustic emission during structure failure.
We use Matlab to generate descriptors for wave data and use machine learning algorithms to classify their types.

Currently in patent application and no more details could be shared.

* Rondom:
     Rongzhong's TRNG
A true random number generator (both C++ & Mathematica implementations) using digital cameras.
It was an entertainment project that resulted in an IEEE publication.

Full text
* Rosh:
       Rongzhong's Shell
My personal Linux Shell written in C. It was developed during Operating System class.
* CG Model Builder

A C++ code that analyses PDB file of tRNA/Protein, finds base pairings, and generates the initial coarse-grained structure.

An additional shell script is generated for our coarse grained simulation package.

* CUDA N-Body Simulation

A CUDA code for parallel N-Body simulation. Vimeo link

Entrance to GitHub: GitHub link

* Parallel Floyd-Warshall
A parallel C++ Floyd-Warshall algorithm using MPI.
* HealThy Body

An Android App developed during software engineering class. It encourages healthy lifestyles for recently discharged patients.

The original package is gone with my old computer. I'm trying to recover it from my collaborators.

* Solutions to CTCI
My C++ solutions to some of the problems in Cracking the Coding Interview.
* tRNA Visualizer

A Mathematica code that generates 2D/3D representation of tRNA molecule using only the sequence and base pairing information.

The latest code is lost. An earlier PDF document shows its main function.

* Music Clip Visualizer
Encoding (and decoding) music clips to 2D images so that people can preview a music at a glance.
* Remote Ruler
A Matlab program that measures the length of distant objects without getting closer to them.
* SIFT Image Stitching
A Matlab package for image stitching using SIFT algorithm.
* Nano Fiber Measurer
A Mathematica tool that measures the dimensions of nano fibers in microscopic images.
* Octree Color Compression

A C++ code that compresses colors in bmp images using Octree algorithm.

An additional visualization shows the evolution of color table.
Animated color table (20 MB)

* 5 Year Oscar Database
   (2010 ~ 2014)

A small web database for recent Oscar Rewards developed during database class.

We were using a campus server and currently it's not accessible to public domain. I may transfer all the stuffs here later.

* Around a Nano-Particle

A model developed for simulating the conformational changes of small bio-molecules. The molecules are distributed evenly on multiple layers around a central nano-partile. Initial coordinates are visualized and saved for later Molecular Dynamic simulation.


* Random Polygon to Ellipse

A published Wolfram Demonstration project. Wolfram site link

It shows that repeatedly averaging the neighboring vertices of a random polygon forms a sequence of polygons that converge to an ellipse.

* RasPi Face Trap

An embeded system on Raspberry Pi chip that recognizes objects and person. If a stranger's face is detected, it will add the photo to its database.

The next stage would be gesture detection and interpretation. Another project is adding walking function. private github repository.

* Hybrid Image Generator

A Mathematica code that generates tunable hybrid images.

A hybrid image is an image that is perceived in one of two different ways, depending on viewing distance.

* Family Tree Builder
A database and visualization for a big Chinese family (8 generations and 350+ people).
* Star Trail Simulator

A Mathematica code that adds simulated startrails to night sky.

It was developed during Virginia Tech Hackathon. I'm proposing two future stages of development. The current package is a result from stage one.

* Polygonized Unicode

A Mathematica notebook that encrypts/decrypts Unicodes and generates neat polygon representations.

It's a by-product when trying to project higher dimensional vectors to a 2D plane.

* Defected Crystal

A Mathematica notebook that models a defected crystal structure derived from experimental microscopy.

* Pocket Cube with Hint
A Mathematica program that simulates the pocket cube (2x2x2) and provides hints during recovery. You can download the free CDF player for playing.
* Boarder for 3D Printer

A neat algorithm (Mathematica and Matlab code) using image filters to generate inner and outer shells of a shape. A 3D printer will use the boarder information to enhance the structure. (needs some polishing)

* Git Quick Guide
A short Git tutorial I created for my research group members.
* Arnold's Cat Encryption
A novel and tricky image/text encryption/decryption algorithm using Arnold's Cat transform. The original codes are lost. I'll rewrite the code from documented PDFs and write a detailed paper when I get time.
* Jigsaw Puzzle Solver Lite
A Mathematica notebook that solves jigsaw puzzles. (under development)
* King's Movement on Chess Board
A short Mathematica code that calculates the King's movement on a 8x8 chess board. The probability is calculated with an evoluting Markov matrix.
* Decrypting an Article
A Mathematica notebook showing the steps to decrypt a substitution cipher.

Potential Research Ideas

* Telescopic MIC
Pairing microphone with lens focusing system to target a distant sound. The kit will be deployed on Raspberry Pi. (initial stage)

  * Go-Around: The Go game played with periodical boundary conditions.

  * Sight on back for the blind.

  * Time dependent spread of tweeter posts. Video

  * Image projection on any surface.

  * Algorithm for recovering blurred ancient handwritings/engravings.

  * Algoritm for shake reduction for low light photography.